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Writing an article for a travel magazine describing your pefect summer vacation in Jamaica is an excellent way to make extra cash. The average rate for a feature of 3,000 words would be between £100-£1000 depending entirely on which magazine you approach. But did you know that by accompanying the text with a few snapshots could double or even triple your income?

You'll be forgiven for thinking that you have to be a professional photographer with expensive equipment either - it isn't true. You can take excellent pictures - using either several hundreds of pounds worth of camera or a single use fun camera!

Tips for taking photographs for a magazine

1. Think about what you will be photographing before you leave the house and takethe appropritae camera. If you're taking pictures of snakes for example it is likely that you won't ba able to get too close to themand therefore you'll need a camera with a good focus lens. But if you are just akking a few snaps of the outside of a hotel or building only a fun camera is needed.

2. Think also about the film to use. If there's movement involved - i.e. if you are photographing an athletic race you'll need at least a 400 speed film. Using a lesser speed and all you'll see when the picture isd developed is a blur.

3. Before you take the picture ask yourself if everythig is in the picture. Try not to take three or four pictures of the same thing, from the same angle. Just two of each angle is plenty.

4. Ensure all fingers are out of the way, lens caps are off etc etc.

5. Be patient. If people are walking past don't just snap away and hope the Editor will be willing to cut people out at a later stage - he won't. The Editor will be searching for the best picture with the less he has to do to it. Why would he go for your picture with a young child in the corner and signs on buildings when he can choose a professional looking picture that is perfect as it is?

6. Don't use a black and white film if you are photographing a colourful carnival. Think about what you are trying to get across in your aticle. If you are taking about the magnificent colours in the costumes - the greens and reds for example take a picture showing the colours - show the reader - the pictures are for illustrating your words.

7. Before you take any photos ask the editor if they will use them should they be of a good standard. If there simply isn't any room in the magazine no matter how good the snaps look like then don't waste your time.

8. Query about payments. Look around for similar magazines on the newsagents shelves and approachbthe editors before you sign any contract to see if anyone else is willing to offer more payment.

9. Ensure that the Editor will pay extra for each photo. Be prepared that not every picture may not make it into the magazine.

10. Don't pretend that you are a professional or lie to an Editor just to get a job. If they find out I doubt if hey will be willing to work with you again.

Now sit back and watch the money roll in!