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Erotica writing isn’t the easiest thing to write, nor is it the hardest. Often people assume that all you are writing is many sex scenes and a few lines of dialogue – if only that were true.

When writing an erotic novel, short story or poems there are a few rules to follow:

1. Don’t assume all your readers are men. This simply isn’t the case.
2. Don’t assume that your readers are unintelligent.
3. A good erotic novel is not a few sex scenes and a bit of action.
4. Do not follow the old formula; one is a busty blonde with little brains and the other is a tanned god, also with little brains.
5. Don’t make your characters say things as you’ve heard in the movies. Use proper dialogue.
6. Don’t leave the bedroom scenes to the reader’s imagination. If they had wanted a love story where the love scenes are stopped at the bedroom door, they’d have bought a romance novel.
7. Don’t pad out the book or story with sex scene after sex scene.
8. Be comfortable with what you’re writing. If you’re wincing every time you read it back to yourself this isn’t for you. Think of your best friend or mother finding your book on the shelf and reading it. Would you be happy with this? If the answer is no then you are writing the wrong genre.
9. Don’t just stick to two characters enjoying a sex life. The most popular books are those which include something different.
10. Employ a little fantasy. Erotica is escapism literature. Forget the small things we all have to do like coming home and cleaning the oven. This type of book is supposed to make the reader forget all this!