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What is vanity publishing?

Vanity Publishing is a costly way of publishing a book. It is an option should you have written a book and want it published, but cannot find a publisher willing to publish it.

The practice involves you paying for a publishing company to produce your book in a professional way. Thus the money you have paid for the books publication (you hope) will recoup with sales. This hardly ever is true. With vanity publishing, the publishers aren¡¦t as involved with the promoting and selling of the book ¡V after all they haven¡¦t taken a risk in getting the book onto the shelves and so have no interest in making sure it sells. If you are willing to do most of the work yourself with regards to selling and promoting the book then it might be the right way to get your book published.

Self-publishing is very similar, however you are basically doing all the work yourself and are not paying a publisher for the books publication, you will be paying the printer for the printing work. This will be considerably cheaper than a vanity publisher will, and yet it will still be left with the promoting and the sales of a book.

Before sending your work to a vanity publisher remember these points:

„h The vanity publishers will not judge your work on its writing merits.
„h You will be responsible for all the cost of your book to be published.
„h You will be responsible for the selling and promotion of the book.
„h The books are usually delivered to your home; it is up to you to get it sent to libraries, book shops etc.
„h After using a vanity publisher, it is unlikely that a ¡¥real¡¦ publisher will be interested in reading your other work. After all, it clearly shows that you have paid for the publication of your writing.

As long as the individual writer understands what exactly they are paying for and what they will have to do to sell and promote the book, there is no reason for them not to use a vanity publisher.