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What is subsidy publishing?

Subsidy publishing is very similar to vanity publishing, however instead of paying the whole amount yourself for the books production and publication the publishers will pay (usually) half of the costs, thus subsidising the book.

As with vanity publishing it is considered to be a last resort should you have tried to get your work published at a ‘real’ publisher. After producing a book via subsidy/vanity or self-publishing it is fair to say the few publishers will be willing to work with you.

The real question you have to ask yourself is how much do I want this book published? If you are willing to take the risk of paying a substantial sum for the books publication and are happy to undertake the marketing and promotion then it is a good way of getting your work into print.

Before making any commitment to any publisher it is worth asking to see a recent copy of another book they have produced. Check to see if the binding is neat and the front cover is eye-catching (this is the first thing a reader will see).

As with vanity publishing it is often the case that the amount you pay for the production of the book hardly ever is returned from the sales. Because it is not from a recognised publisher, the book isn’t given very good marketing or promotion and therefore not enough copies are sold to repay the writer.