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What is self-publishing?

Self-publishing is a method of getting your book onto the shelves, however to have done this you’ll need to pay for it.

There are three methods of self-publishing:

- Using a small printer, you will take your manuscript to them for producing into book form. This is a simple business arrangement.
- Hiring a printer, typesetter, book binding machine and the other equipment needed for the operation to do it yourself. This will be very costly.
- The third is to employ a middleman which helps with the book.

To decide whether or not to self-publish your book you need to ask yourself a few questions, the most important being the first:

- How important is it to you to get the book in print?
- How much money are you willing to risk in the event that you do not recoup the printing costs against sales?
- Will your readership really want to buy the book?
- Is the readership large enough for you to recoup your money?
- Are you willing to store copies of the book somewhere?

With all self-publishing ventures you will be left to arrange review copies, press releases, all promotion work and marketing. This is not an easy feat. Often the low sales means that writers hardly ever recoup the money spent on the production. If this is a risk you are willing to take then self-publishing is a method of getting your work out there. However, publishers are rarely interested in writers who have been known to self-publish their work as it is often thought of as not being really published.