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What is the best way to overcome writer's block? Why, it lies right in front of your very own eyes. One of the easiest and best things that you can do is read. That's right, reading the posts of your fellow authors, the newspaper, magazines, and the books that you love. This is how I keep myself supplied in new, fresh ideas.

How on earth can we expect to be writers, if we do not expose ourselves to what is out there for every eye to see? The Internet is a clearinghouse of sensational stories and poems that can open your mind, as are books and magazines. Prose that can help to propel your mind in new directions- places that you've never dared go!

When we read a beautiful poem or story, we remember our own personal experiences that it touches. This, in turn, inspires us to think over some possibly humorous or touching experiences, triggering something deep inside of ourselves. Almost every article touches something within us, if we look. If only we allow ourselves to daydream.

Sadly, daydreaming is a lost art. Looking off into the distance, smiling at our own whimsical thoughts. That is writing. Write a poem or story for yourself in your very own head. If our primary goal in writing anything is to please ourselves, then we will succeed at excellence.

We only fail when we allow monetary gain, probability of publishing, and fear of exposing too much of ourselves to the reader fog our judgment. Listen to your heart, and dream upon the page!

When something touches you, grab a pen. Don't be afraid to fumble in your purse as you stand in line at the grocery, inspired by something you have seen. Go ahead and scrawl each and every idea down that you get while watching your son's baseball game. Several of my poems that are published in hardcover were written on my break from my classes at college. When we watch a television program, sometimes we get a great idea. Write it down! Notice every single detail in the world around you. This nosey, curiosity with the world is what makes us great writers. Never stop seeing. Never stop believing. Never stop being what you were meant to be- a writer!

Many writers explain their need for writing as if it were the same as their need to breathe. I know that if I couldn't write, I would shrivel up and die. To imagine a world where we could not vent our viewpoints, share our stories, and practice our poetry techniques scares us writers more than almost anything.

If we walk through the world with our heart and soul closed up tight, how can we ever hope to see our true inner self? This is where the writer within each of us lives. Down deep, below the surface of our stories, within the marrow of our souls. A place where we can tell all of our deepest, darkest secrets upon the page, while disguising them as characters, setting and tone.

To help sum up, here is a list of the best ways to overcome writer's block.

1. Become an avid reader.
2. Watch every aspect of your world.
3. Allow yourself to daydream!
4. When you get an idea, be sure to write it down
5. Keep a list of your inspirations.