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A journal brings more peace of mind when you write with an easy attitude. Have you noticed that you're in sync in greater harmony with life around you when you're breathing generously-- gently and fully. Let yourself breathe and let yourself write. Writer Natalie Goldberg says, "Keep the pen moving." Don't edit or correct or use a fancy penmanship. Allow what's inside to come out on paper and/or on the monitor.

It's important to do your personal writing in a journal, in a container, not scattered. I'm not knocking scattering which can be creative. We write in different ways. Writing about yourself in a container, in a journal, helps you know yourself, unite your strengths and identify your goals and your next challenges.

You can try out events you're preparing for in your journal. If you're anticipating an interview, you can write questions you imagine the interviewer asking. Then write out your responses. You'll grow more comfortable about the interview by practicing the range of possibilities for questions the interviewers are likely to ask.

You can have a conversation with God or your metaphysical guides or a free session with your therapist by writing your position and what you're wondering about, then listening and writing answers as they come into you. Answers may come in pictures or words or sounds or sensations or a multitude of other means.

Writing down the details of what you do each day may not be rewarding to reread. You may be left with the impression that you've done far too much laundry and transporting and spent too little time with your soul.

Write to know yourself. Write to relax and let go.