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Writing thank you letters or cards takes little time at all and yet means a great deal to the receiver. It shows that you have received and appreciate the gift.

With the new technology in common use today, you can be tempted to send your thank-you via email or fax, but although this may be easier on you, it doesn¡¦t give the same impression and thought as opposed to a hand-written card or note.

The best way to write a thank you card:

„h Make sure you address it correctly and know what gift the person gave you.
„h Do not type your card/note. A hand-written letter looks much better and takes more time and thought.
„h Use a good sized paper. If you¡¦ve only got a few lines to say don¡¦t write the letter on an A4 sheet. The few lines you want to say will be lost in the overwhelming blankness of the paper.
„h Choose a pretty patterned stationery, it takes up some of the pace and will leave you less room to write.
„h Write the letter as neatly as you can.
„h If the person gave you a cheque or cash mention what you spent the money on or what you intend to spend the money on.
„h A good goal is to write the note within a week's time.
„h Try to include a personal note, not just the standard "Thank you for the special gift."