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The importance of the quality “thank-you” note is a career maker or breaker. As a professional, it is highly important to give praise and feedback to your co-workers, employees or even your own boss! A thank you note shows that you pay attention to what people do and that you appreciate their efforts. Showing this type of appreciation will encourage people to work harder and feel better about their work.

Your employee spent hours putting together a successful presentation to the department at your request. The participants, including your boss, complimented you afterward on your employee’s well-presented documentation. Several days later, you pass your employee in the hallway and call out “Hey, thanks!” You just failed to provide a quality thank you and you also gave your employee the impression that you didn’t really care.

A quality thank you note should say more than just “thanks.” Timing and content are as important as the note itself.

1.Timing is extremely important. Thank people immediately after they have done something worthy of praise. Waiting a few weeks will give the impression that you aren’t appreciative of their great work or of your gift.
2.What exactly are you thanking them for? Spell it out in your note. The more precise, the more you show your appreciation and acknowledgement of a job well done or a gift well appreciated.
3.Say a few words about how the gift or efforts made you feel. Were you pleased? How did it help you? How will it help you in the future?
4.Be genuine in your note. Sincerity shines though and reflects a polished, well-mannered individual. Be unique and individualize your note. Never send out the same note to everyone in your department. It diminishes the true value of your note.

The difference between a half-hearted “hey thanks” and a professional, well-written note can cause the difference between a motivated individual and one who thinks you just don’t care! Whether it is a co-worker, friend or family member, show them that you appreciate their efforts! Everyone wants to be thanked and appreciated for what they do! Looking for additional resources?