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Chances are you have been meaning to try your hand at freelance writing for years. You mean to do it, but something always gets in the way. More often than not, that something is fear. Today, I'm going to help you dispose of your fears.

The freelance writing market is positively immense. With the advent of the Internet, your chances of making a career out of writing are better than ever.

The first thing you need to do is some research. There are a number of good sites dedicated to the freelance market. There are also sites where you can bid on projects. These sites work just like an auction house. A job is put up and freelancers bid for the project. Many of these sites can be quite active, and once you establish a presence, you can easily live off the work you get from just the one site.

Another growing market is the E-zine market. Many of these small electronic presses are constantly looking for new talent. Pick an area of expertise and look around. Find some E-zines with subjects you have a good basic knowledge of and write to them, offering your services. Most of these sites will have the writer guidelines posted and linked. Always read the guidelines. It will save you wasted time.

The final resource, the most certainly not the last, is the sites dedicated to you, the freelance writer. These sites offer job banks for your use, as well as links to other job banks you might otherwise miss.

I would recommend spending the time to visit each of these sites, as well as the links they supply, and go through every job listed. This will take a significant amount of time, but only once. After that you can visit them weekly and skim the latest jobs.

Now, it's time to actually get one of these jobs. The first thing you need to do is be confident. Good writers have egos and will never apologize for saying they are talented. Present yourself as a gifted person. Here's some examples of good and bad queries.

Bad - too weak
Hello, I have just started in this field and would like the chance to prove myself. I think I have a pretty good idea......

Bad - too much

Hi! Your day just got brighter. I am a brilliant writer with an incredible idea for an article. You would do yourself a tremendous disservice not to take me on....

Good - just right

Dear Editor: I would like to offer you an article that is guaranteed to create a buzz. I have a strong written voice and can easily capture your reader's....

Be confident, but not a jerk. Everyone is just starting out at one time or another, so you have to grab an editor's attention with whatever it is that makes you different.

Always be polite. Make sure you meet every deadline. And don't be afraid to take on some jobs for little or no money. The important thing is to keep yourself writing. Your best friend will be your portfolio. An editor won't be asking you how much you were paid, they only want to know who you wrote for, and how often.

Good luck, and good writing.