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A well written memo reflects well on its author. Here are some tips on how you can improve the quality and impact of your memos.

1. Memos are meant as a method of communication WITHIN an organization. They should not be sent to persons outside the organization. Memos speak to the reader regardless of how many people read the memo.

2. Remember that memos are usually read in a hurry. You, as writer, should do everything possible to make sure that the reader can understand every message with the least possible effort.

3. Make sure that your flow of thought is logical from the beginning to the end of your message. Put the focus of the message at the beginning paragraph of the memo. This supplies the reader with an early understanding of the situation. Recommendations for action should go at the end of the memo.

4. Be sure to write short paragraphs in your memos. Long paragraphs cause the reader to lose the message and tend to distort the emphasis of the memo.

5. Memos should not be written unnecessarily. If no written record is necessary and the message to be conveyed is a simple one--transmit the message orally. Oral communication provides instant feedback.