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You’ve been wronged by a company and have decided that it’s time to let them know of their mistakes. But how do you tactfully make them aware that you’ve been wronged in order to get results? Here are some tips.

• Make sure there’s not an easier way to get results. Before you write a letter, consider calling the company, tell them there’s a problem and find out what their response is. If they’re uncooperative at that point, your next likely step is a letter. Writing a letter serves several purposes. It puts your complaint in writing. When a complaint is in writing, it’s a formal complaint. It also gives them a hard copy of the problem. It gives them a piece of paper which can remind them that the problem exists.
• When writing your letter, find out the right person to send the letter to. Generally, you want to send the letter to the head of the company. You may also want the letter to go to the person you’ve been speaking with to let him or her know that you sent the letter to his or her supervisor.
• Precisely outline your situation. Provide detailed information about your concerns. Tell exactly what happened in as concise a way as possible.
• Provide any supporting documentation. If you have any receipts, contracts, or other documents that support your claims, make copies of them and include them with your letter. You want to prove your case as best as you can.
• Tell them exactly what you want. In your letter, you need to concisely tell them what you want to happen. Tell them the compensation you expect. Tell them a specific amount of money you expect from them... or whatever the compensation you are requesting might be.
• Follow up with a phone call. Two weeks after you send the letter, if you haven’t heard anything from the person to whom you sent the letter, call that person to learn of the progress of your claims.