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Traditionally held in April, tourists and residents alike look forward to the U. S. Virgin Islands annual Carnival. This year due to the late fall of Easter, Carnival activities ran from April 8th to May 6th, 2000. Carnival in the USVI is a series of themed events that showcases the island's musical talents and culinary delights. This year's carnival theme was "Jump Up and Sway, it's Carnival for Y2K", and the traditional Carnival Village honored WSTA Radio personality, Irvin "Brownie" Brown.

Carnival events kicked off on April 8th with the "Caribbean Music Night" where musical sounds from every region was heard including reggae, salsa, merengue and especially soca. On April 16th parents and children enjoyed the children's talent show titled "Prince & Princess Talent & Selection Show". A few days later, on April 22nd, at the "Carnival Queen Talent & Selection Show" - a talent show for young ladies between the ages of 16-21, a new Carnival Queen was crowned.

Considerate of those unable to participate or view the Carnival events for themselves, the Carnival Committee sponsored a "Carnival Show for Residents at the Roy L. Schneider Hospital", which was held on April 24th. On April 25, the musically talented youths of the community entertained the crowds at the "Junior Calypso Competition". Held on the following evening was the "Cultural Night/King & Queen of the Band Show" which was sponsored by Coors Light. At this event, a panel of judges selects the Carnival costumes that best represents the current year's theme while reflecting the culture of the islands.

"Brass-o-Rama", was held on April 27th and featured three brass instrument bands vying for the title of Brass-o-Rama champion. On April 28th and 29th the musical talents of local and international artists were featured at Calypso Revue's I and II. On Saturday, April 30th, Carnival events heated up with the "Watersport Activities", the "Queen, Prince & Princess Coronations", and "Pan-o-Rama", where you had the opportunity to view jet ski/wave runner/boat races, watch as the Queen, Prince and Princess were coronated and presented with their royal crowns or listen to the vibrant sounds of the steel pans.

The final scheduled events started on May 1st with the grand opening of the Carnival Village. On May 2nd, there was a Pre-teen Carnival Tramp and Senior Citizens "Quelbe Tramp". A variety of cultural delights such as "jawbones", meat and salt-fish pate', tamarind and cherry stews or potato pudding could be found on May 3rd at the Carnival Food Fair, which this year honored Eda Rojas. From about 4:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon on May 4th, over 30,000 party people attended "J'ouvert", where they followed their favorite bands and danced to calypso beats. Later in the day, local arts and crafts were purchased at the "Arts & Crafts Fair", which honored Justin Todman this year. That evening, revelers attended the "V.I. Calypso Competition" and showed their support for local calypsonians. Despite the weather on May 5th, parents, children, troupe members and supporters alike look on as the "Children's Parade" passes by. On May 6th the adult version, the "Adults Parade" follows the same route taken by the children the day before and wows the crowd with spectacular displays of feathers, glitter and human ingenuity. Later that evening, Carnival ends with an explosion of color - the Carnival Fireworks display! What better way to end the U.S. Virgin Islands frenzy of colorful activities and human movement called Carnival?