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If you'll be out of town for the weekend or for a longer period of time, sometimes it's easy to forget proper etiquette. When you're traveling, it's often more important than ever to tip people who provide services for you. When traveling, people typically rely more on the services of other people than they do when they stay at home. So what is proper etiquette when it comes to tipping when you're on the road? How much do you tip and to whom?

• Baggage handler. When you first get to the airport, you may ask the help of a baggage handler to help check you in. They should get $1-$1.50 for every bag they help you with.
• Transportation service. If you hire a limo driver or another type of driver to take you from place to place, proper etiquette is to tip 15 percent of the bill. In many cases, the gratuity is automatically included in the price you're paying.
• Hotel courtesy fan. You should automatically tip the driver $1 per person. If the driver helps you with your bags, tip him $2.

• Bellhop. For every bag that a bellhop takes to your room, you should tip $1-$2. For every package or delivery to your room, you should tip $1-$2.
• Housekeeper. Each day you should tip the housekeeper $1-$2. If your housekeeper has to perform any type of special service, you should tip an additional $1-$2.
• Room service wait staff. If someone brings a meal to your room, you should tip just as you would in a restaurant, 15-20%. Even if the gratuity is included in the bill, you should tip $1.

• Hat/coat check. If someone helps you with your coat when you enter the restaurant, you should tip that person $1 per coat.
• Bartender. Tip this person 15 percent of the liquor bill.
• Maitre d'. If you ask this person to get you a good table, tip him or her $5 if there are two people in your party and $10 for a table of four or more. You should double these amounts if it's a five-star restaurant.
• Waiter. You should tip this person 15-20 percent of the total bill.

• Taxi driver. If you hire a taxi driver to take you from place to place, tip him 10-15 percent of your total bill.
• Parking valet. If you use a valet service at your hotel or at a restaurant, tip that person $1-$2 each time he or she retrieves your car.