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Polar bears are truly vicious predators. It goes without saying that no animal or human ever wants to get on a polar bear's bad side. The polar bear can do damage to even the most savage of beast. Polar bears love living in Alaska because it's cold. They like the frigid water conditions in which they can swim and hunt for whales and seals, among other aquatic creatures. They also like living on land. They can survive the cold weather because of their hefty coats and their large bodies. The average polar bear weighs some 1,200 pounds. And for most of the year, polar bears actually don't even live near the water. They like to spend most of their time living on the ice, hunting animals that like to live underneath the ice. Here are some of the most likely places you can find polar bears in Alaska.

• Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This region of the country up in the northernmost points of Alaska are home to a large portion of the polar bears in the state. They like the cold climate and the marine animals that reside there. You can find polar bear dens within 30 miles of the coastal area.

• Kaktovik. This is an Eskimo community along the Arctic Ocean. This is also prime polar bear country in the autumn months. That's because that's when whales flock to the region. Polar bears love to catch whales, and they
can certainly find them in Kaktovik during the autumn months.

• Barrow. This is another area that is along the Arctic region. Barrow is the northernmost point in the United States, and is also traditionally the coldest. Polar bears like to hang out along the beaches of Barrow.

• With cubs. Where there are polar bear cubs, there are usually a large number of polar bears. Mothers tend to stay with their cubs until they they are old enough to fend for themselves, and mothers tend to stick together. You can find these polar bear families typically anywhere along the Arctic Coast.