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Packing is always a challenge, whether planning to go on a business or pleasure trip. However, there are several useful suggestions that can make packing easier and more efficient. The following tips can help you to maximize space, avoid wrinkling of clothes and help you to pack the least amount of clothes for maximum use.

1. Always wear your heaviest shoes on the plane. This way, they won't weigh down your suitcase or take up too much room.

2. Pack other shoes on the bottom of your luggage. You can pack all your clothes on top of them. If you put them on top, they will shift around and wrinkle your clothes.

3. Roll up socks into pairs and stick them in the shoes you are bringing.

4. Keep suits, dresses, dress shirts, and other dressy clothes in the plastic from the dry cleaners. This will prevent wrinkling and can be used later to keep you dirty clothes in.

5. If you don't have the plastic from the dry cleaners, you can use a plastic garbage bag. Lay the clothes out flat inside the bag and then lay the bag out flat inside your suitcase.

6. When packing pants, lay them bottom of the pants at one end of the suitcase and lay them down flat. Some of the upper part of the pants will not fit flat into the suitcase. Let the excess hang over the edge of the suitcase. Then pack other foldable clothes on top of the pants and fold them back over the clothes. This will prevent the pants from creasing.

7. Roll up t-shirts, sweat pants, tank tops and other casuals and use them to fill the open spaces along the edges of a suitcase or bag.

8. Pack toiletries such as mouthwash, shampoo, and make up in plastic sandwich bags. This will be useful, should anything leak.

9. Always bring more tops them bottoms. You can wear pants and/or skirts with a variety of tops, t-shirts, blouses and sweaters.

10. When packing clothing, stick primarily to neutral colors. This way you will be able to mix and match a small amount of clothes to make a variety of outfits. The best colors are white, black, grey, beige and navy.