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Moose are some of the largest animals found in Alaska. The average moose weighs some 1,800 pounds and is a massive predator in the upper Northwest. Because of their weight and power, moose can be the most dangerous of animals to humans. If you're going to look for moose in Alaska, you need to be sure to be quite cautious. Bulls are the most dangerous during the fall months.

If you're going to look for moose, look for large tracks in swampy land. Moose tend to congregate in the swampy regions of the state as they look for small animals and plants. Here are some places in Alaska you should spend some time looking for moose while you're in the state.

• Yukon River. Near the Coldfoot, Alaska, area of the Yukon River you can almost always site some moose. Even if you are driving down the Dalton Highway, this is a prime spot to see a lot of moose together.

• Chitina. This town which is near Valdez in southeastern Alaska is a prime spot for moose. If you go toward Sculpin Lake and Long Lake near McCarthy Road, you'll certainly find plenty of moose for your camera. There's actually a park here that is a great place to learn about moose in the region. It's called Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.

• Denali State Park. This is a great place to see a wide variety of wild animals, not the least of which is moose. If you walk along the Troublesome Creek and Byers Lake, you'll be sure to catch moose in their prime.

• Anchorage. There's a spot on the east side of Anchorage that is a great spot to find some moose. At Chugach State Park, you can walk down different trails. Down any of these trails are good places at which you can view moose. If you take Arctic Valley Road or Eklutna Road in the region, you also stand a good chance to spot some moose.