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The eleven languages are:












South Africa is a multi-lingual nation and most of South Africans speak at LEAST two different languages. Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans and English are the languages that are spoken by most people, and English is the most widely understood of all the languages. And then there is FUNIGALORE - a combination of the different languages which makes it easier for some people of differing cultural backgrounds, to communicate with one another.

The literacy rate in South Africa for the total population is just under 82%. By definition, the literacy of South African means that people aged fifteen and over, are able to read and write.

Most of the daily newspapers in South Africa are published in English, as are most of the Radio Stations within South Africa. Here is a list of most of the radio stations that broadcast in South Africa:

Radio South Africa (English)
Radio 5 (English)
Afrikaans Stereo
Radio 2000 (English and Afrikaans)
Good Hope Stereo (Bilingual: English and Afrikaans)
Radio Jakaranda (English and Afrikaans, mainly English)
Highveld Stereo (English)
Radio Metro (African Service in English)
Radio Swazi
Radio Ndebele
Radio Sesotho
Setswana Stereo
Radio Tsonga
Radio Lotus (Indian service in English)
External Services: Channel Africa Radio, SABC's external service; broadcasts 217 hour per week in English, French, Swahili, Portuguese and several African languages.