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Perhaps there's not a better wilderness sight that exists than watching a big ole grizzly bear fish for fresh salmon, catch it in its mouth and shake itself off to get rid of the water that it was drenched with in order to capture its game. You can see it in Alaska. Grizzly bears generally have big humps on their backs and have fur that is tipped off with silver colorings. There are about 35,000 grizzly bears across the state of Alaska. Here are some of the best places to find grizzly bears when you visit Alaska.

• Denali National Park. This is the sight of many other animals. If you can make a trip to this park, you certainly won't leave disappointed. If you go toward Igloo Canyon in the park, you'll happen upon grizzly bears. This is a favorite spot of the bears to fish. Another good spot to find them here is near the visitor's center.

• Kodiak Island. This area around the Frasier River is a great place to find grizzly bears, especially during the summer months. In the summer is when salmon are at their height of the year. And of course, where there's salmon, there are grizzlies.

• Pack Creek. This creek is on Admiralty Island near Juneau. If you visit this area, especially near the Stan Price State Wildlife Sanctuary, during the summer months when the salmon are at their peak, you'll be sure to see
some great sites.

• Brooks River. This area is a great place where grizzlies feed on salmon. Especially if you go toward the area around Brooks Falls, you're sure to see some salmon. This is near the Katmai National Park.

• McNeil River State Game Sanctuary. This area is also near Katmai park. There is always a good gathering of grizzly bears in this region during feeding time. If you go to the northeastern part of the park in the game sanctuary, you're sure to see some grizzlies.