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The bald eagle is a United States treasure. There is perhaps no other creature in the United States, that the sight of which causes more goose bumps and pride. But the facts are that eagles tend to flock more toward Alaska than toward any other state. They'll fly sometimes several thousand miles to reach the Alaskan life that's full of fish and rats, two items that eagles like most. It's important that the nests of eagles aren't disturbed.

If they aren't, these birds will migrate to the exact same nest year after year. If you're in Alaska, you'll certainly want to look for these most amazing of birds. Here are some prime locations to find eagles in Alaska.

• Prince William Sound. There is one main place here where the eagles live. Any tour guide can show you exactly where they're at. Otherwise, you should head toward the Whitier portion of the sound.

• Kenai Peninsula. This is one region of the country where eagles are actually common. If you go toward the Cooper Landing portion of the peninsula or toward Captain Cook State Recreation Area, you'll often be able to see
bald eagles fish, a sight you likely can't see anywhere else.

• Douglas Island. This island near Juneau is a great place to watch eagles fish for salmon. There's actually a river named Eagle River near Juneau that is also a good spot to watch for eagles in the later months of the year.
Eagles, like many other wild animals, enjoy fishing and eating salmon. So if you can find out where the best salmon fishing spots are and where the eagles nests are, you have a good chance of catching the view of eagles fishing for

• Haines. Haines, Alaska, is the home of the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve. This is the area where nearly 3,000 eagles migrate to year after year. They arrive in the fall months and leave every spring. They come to find great salmon fishing. This preserve is in the northern part of Lynn Canal.