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The excitement of casinos and the dream to become rich quick often numbs our senses to our surroundings! Keeping alert and aware of your surroundings and the people around you is the number one way to protect yourself at casinos.

Consider the slot machines, a favorite site for most beginning gamblers! The one armed bandit has been the source of thievery for many a new winner! After pulling that handle or hitting those buttons all day, you finally score! You are so distracted by all the quarters rolling down into the tray that you don't notice that nice man next to you picking up your purse and walking away! Another scenario is the "Drop the quarter" trick. A thief rolls a quarter on the floor near you. As you reach over to grab it, thinking it is your own, the con artist casually reaches in and walks away with your bucket of coins!

Be alert while you are playing card games. One of the most famous cons is called the "tap glass". With a quick flick of the hand, a thief puts a glass with tape on the bottom on your stack of chips, walking away with YOUR chip taped to the bottom of his glass!

How can you protect yourself against these conniving Casino thieves?

Prepare for your trip with knowledge beforehand. Chat with folks who have been there and visit informational forums to get the scoop on safety at the various casino resorts.

Don't make yourself a flashy target. Don't be a neon sign saying "I am carrying money!" Protect yourself against pickpockets by not carrying your wallet in your purse! Men are advised not to constantly "pat" their wallets, thereby drawing thieves to the wallet's location.

Pay attention. We let our guard down as we wait in line to cash in our chips, focusing on the activity happening in the cage ahead instead of the person next to you asking you directions to the bathroom. Stop and think: why is this person asking ME directions? I don't work here! This is a typical scam where one person taps you on the shoulder and asks you an inane question while his partner casually removes your wallet or takes your chips off the top of the counter. Swindlers have even been known to be as bold as stealing your chips RIGHT AT the casino window!.

Remember.. keeping alert and keeping focused on your winnings will prevent you from being yet another Las Vegas scam victim.