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Black bears love green pastures and wooded areas. They are mostly vegetarian animals and are constantly on the lookout for food. That's why Alaska is such an attractive place for black bears today. There are more black bears in Alaska than any other kind of bear. In some areas there are more than 70 bears per 100 square miles. There are at least 50,000 black bears in all of the state. If you're on a wildlife tripto Alaska, you'll certainly want to find some black bears. Here are some places you can look to find them.

• Prince William Sound. Black bears like this area because of its large wooded areas. Most people tour this area by ship. It's often a very snowy area, even along the beaches. If you're touring the area by boat, you can see the black bears from a great distance because of their amazing colors against the white background that the snow offers. And in the summer months their bright black coats can be easily spotted against the green wooded areas.

• Chena State Park. In late summer, black bears come here to eat blueberries that grow rampantly throughout the park. If you're going to visit the park looking for black bears, be sure to take a hike back the Chena Dome trail. Bring binoculars, so you can see them without having to get too close.

• Chugach State Park. The best time of year to see black bears in this part of Alaska is the spring months. That's when the snow begins to melt here and the streams produce fresh water for the bears. They usually like the grass and fresh water here before they head into the uplands. There's a good trail here if you take the Ski Bowl Road.

• Anan Creek Bear Observatory. This area is great for viewing black bears, and you usually can get fairly close to them without you bothering them. Your best bet is to walk back along the trail and watch the black bears fish for salmon. Don't forget your camera, as this is a great opportunity for some great pictures.