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1. Never leave your car running when you get out of it even if it will only be a minute or two. Running cars with keys in the ignition are quick and easy theft targets.

2. Make sure windows are up, sunroofs are closed and trunks are locked when leaving your vehicle. A thief may try to gain entry through one of these

3. Keep packages, purses and other valuables in the trunk, under the seat or out of sight when you leave your car.

4. If you turn the front wheels in toward the curb, you may be able to prevent your vehicle from being towed away while you are away.

5. If possible, park in open and lighted areas that do not have dumpsters, large trucks or other
potential hiding places nearby.

6. Pay attention to your surroundings and limit distractions. Have your keys ready when you return to your car and watch for people who may be watching or following you. Lost, confused, or distracted drivers are more vulnerable to theft.

7. Keep doors and windows locked while driving, parking or leaving your car.

8. Make sure you know where your keys are at all times. Be aware of visitors, teenager's friends, workmen or other people who have access to your home who have an opportunity to take or copy extra keys.

9. Car alarms, steering wheel locks, kill switches and other anti-theft devices may be effective at preventing automobile theft. Many insurance companies offer rate discounts for some of these devices as well. See your agent for details.

10. Etching or engraving your vehicle's identification number on the windows and under the panels of the hood and trunk may also deter theft.