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Air travel is generally regarded as the safest method of getting from point A to point B. Choosing the right seat can even extend that security. Because there are so many different crash scenarios, experts usually avoid this question. But some seat selections are better than others.
* The front row - While this may be the convenient place to sit, its not necessarily the safest. In most accidents, an aircraft travels with its nose down and bumps along the ground for a bit after impact, therefore, the front will be the first to sustain damage.
* Bulkhead rows - Again, these areas are more comfortable because they provide more legroom, but they can also be the most hazardous. Quite often, passengers hit their heads on the walls during turbulence and landings, resulting in serious head injuries. This area tops the list of non-crash injury concerns. The FAA, airlines, and safety researchers are looking into methods of avoiding these types of injuries, such as shoulder belts and airbags. The new Boeing 777 has cushioned walls and is currently the only aircraft that passes new federal standards. The National Institute for Aviation Research advises tall people to avoid this location as they have the greater chance of hitting the bulkhead.
* Wing-side seats - Seats close to the aircraft wings are structurally more sound and have better support.
* Exit row - This is the one area providing more leg room that is actually safer. The emergency exit allows easier escape from fire and smoke dangers. Even if you can't get a seat on this row, always be aware of which direction the nearest exit is in.
* Seats with phones or video screens - While these are becoming increasingly common and make your trip more enjoyable, they also add danger. Bumping your head on one of these items in turbulence or other tense situations can cause injuries. Settle for a good book and stare at a plain seat back!

While none of these guarantee that you will survive a crash or other aircraft mishaps, in some situations they may increase your chances of survival or avoiding injuries.