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Wisconsin Dells, located in southern Wisconsin, is a vacationer's paradise. With multiple water parks, tours, a casino, wax museums, art shops and museums and arifacts, this area has been a hotspot for years. Come take a peak inside the largest and most traveled area in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Dells is steeped in a rich history. Discovered by the French in the 1700's and originally named "the Dalles," this area is postcard beautiful. With huge cliffs and clear waterbeds, The Dells has always been largely inhabited by the Winnebego Indian tribe. In the early days, lumber was the business of choice and "the Dalles" put itself on the map as a leader in the industry.

Menominee and Ho-Chunk tribal members flocked to "the Dalles" in its early days, setting up a life for themselves by hunting the land and joining the Winnebegos. Buffalo, fish and other wildlife made it possible for the newly arrived tribe to not only survive, but thrive.

Today, Wisconsin Dells is home to more than a textbook of Native American History. Nightly Pow Wows and celebrations tell the tales of several tribes and Native American rituals and practices are alive and well in the area.

One of the most well known water shows in the world comes straight out of the Dells. You won't believe what these young and old skiers can do! They've set world records and put out a nightly, choreographed show for all.

For the serious camper, your options are limitless in the Dells. Wisconsin Dells is home to more than 5,000 campsites. Most campgrounds are located just minutes from the downtown area, but if you crave an out of the way spot, those are available, too. Many local campgrounds offer free tickets to events and rides, and provide you with all the necessities and directions you need to thoroughly enjoy your stay.

Even if you dread the grind of someone filling you with useless facts and history, you'll want to jump on a duckboat for the Dells tour. This unique boat travels both land and water, courtesy of underside wheels and a powerful boat motor that will have you on the edge of your seat. You'll whip through the the lower Dells, cruise through Glacier Park and in between rock formations that will astound you. The view from this tour is unbeatable! Riders receive coupons for additional activities, as well.

Wisconsin Dells is a hotspot for fisherman and there are more than enough bait and tackle shops to get you geared up and out of any of the Dells' many waterways. Rent a boat or canoe or have a guide boat charter you around to some of the most fishable waters in all of southern Wisconsin. Want to stay off the water? Cast your line from high above any of the Dells' peaked ledges. The view is unbeatable and the fish are always ready to put up a good fight.

Deer, Elk, Buffalo, game birds and other wildlife run freely through the Wisconsin Deer Park. Kids will love the opportunity to get up close and pet the animals. Bucks, Does and Fawns can all be fed by visitors and with over 100 tame deer running free, this is a must stop for families.

This is the spot where children's fairy tales come to life. Miniature train rides and carousels will transport your child into the middle of The Little Red Riding Hood or any number of their favorite tales. Storybook Gardens also has their own petting zoo, featuring sheep, bunnies, goats, chickens and of course, The Three Little Pigs.

You've seen the show and heard the stories. Now, come face to face with glass eating, two headed, three handed men and women inside this eery experience. Sneak a peek at the wonders of the world with this amazing walk thru museum. Open daily.

The Dells' most famous attractions are their huge, awe inspiring waterparks. No matter what your size or age, there's a water park that will appeal to you. Ride the waves, swish down the gigantic slides, climb aboard Noah's Ark for a stomach dropping ride, or splash in a wave pool. You can't go to the Dells without a swimsuit!

Built on Native American Land, the Ho-Chunk Casino is proudly owned and operated by the Ho-Chunk tribe. This huge, accommodating casino will have you playing slots and dealing cards with the best of them. The Ho-Chunk has eating and dining facilities, a showroom and plenty of entertainment to make this a day long stop.

Wisconsin Dells is host to literally thousands of accommodation options. If you want to go rustic, stay on the lake or be pampered, you can do it all in the Dells. Many in town and out of town hotels, motels, cabins and campgrounds are available to choose from.

The downtown area of Wisconsin Dells is known as the Upper Dells. Shops featuring traditional Native American gear, clothing and footwear are open all day, everyday. Have a pair of moccasin specially made. Buy a headdress and official tomohawk. Dress up in vintage clothing and get a picture of the whole family. No matter what you've come in search of, you'll find it in the Upper Dells shopping area.

What whets your whistle and makes your mouth water? Wisconsin Dells has some of the most unique restaurants in the area. Sit down at Paul Bunyuns for a traditional, family sized meal. You won't believe how big the tables or the portions are! Want something more exotic? International foods are also available from any number of restaurants dotting the Upper Dells strip.

It doesn't matter what type of summer vacation you're planning because odds are, Wisconsin Dells has something that will fit the bill. This gorgeous town with all of it's many attractions deserves a stop on anyone's map!