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Whales are migratory animals. In the winter months, they tend to call the waters around southern California and Mexico home. But in the summer months, they head north to Alaska. Each year, thousands of whales travel to the north Pacific Ocean. To the tourist, there's hardly a better sight when out on the water than watching from a distance a whale leap from the water. Along the Alaskan coast there are plenty of whales for everyone to cherish and admire. It's truly a nature-lover's paradise. Here are some of the best places to watch for whales when you're in Alaska.

• Prince William Sound. This is one of the best spots to watch for whales in the summer months. This spot is in the southern part of Alaska. If you can make your way to the Montague Strait, you'll be in the heart of whale country. If you're ever in that region, you certainly want to take some time to enjoy the whales. The best way to get there is from Valdez.

• Point Adolphus. This area, part of Glacier Bay National Park, is traditionally a fine place to spot whales. They return to this spot year after year. At this park, you can actually take a private boat out on the water with a permit. But you do so at your own risk. Whales sometimes like to glaze the top of the water with their huge tails, a tendency which can spell problems for boaters.

• Inside Passage. The Inside Passage of Alaska is also a major migration area in Alaska. Often you can even see the whales skirting the water when you're driving on the Marine Highway. Keep your eyes, binoculars and cameras ready for this amazing event.

• Gulf of Alaska. This region is the other major spot where whales migrate. When trying to find out where the best spots for whale watching are in Alaska, you need to keep in mind that it often changes annually. But for years these fascinating creatures have been migrating between the southern states and Alaska.