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Walruses and the state of Alaska go hand in hand. They like living in cold waters. And of course Alaska provides just that. Walruses like somewhat shallower waters where clams and other smaller crustaceans might live. That's their favorite food. You'll normally find walruses in groups of about 100 or so. Walruses like to swim and look for food. They'll once in awhile eat a seal or another aquatic animal, but they typically prefer crustaceans. If you're looking for walruses, you may need to look hard. They normally don't go where people are. They like to be only with other walruses and enjoy their natural habitat.

Walruses love to eat. Even though they swim quite a bit, they still grow to be quite large in size. It's typical for a male to grow to about 10 feet and 2,800 pounds. But other animals don't let their size frighten them; walruses don't like fights and tend to avoid them whenever possible. But that doesn't stop them from using their tusks to get the food they want.

The main place walruses congregate in Alaska is at a place called the Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary. Each summer there are some 11,000 walruses that flock to the islands. They like the water they see there and they like the tranquility. They also like to hang out with the other animals that show up on the island each year, such as sea gulls, sea lions, puffins, and foxes. These animals miraculously make great friends on the islands and work out well together for the most part. To get to this location, you need to find Round Island. This is a place about 70 miles south of Dillingham. The best way to get there is by chartered boat.

To find out where the walruses are from year to year, the best thing you can do is to think like the walrus. They like cold, shallow water where crustaceans will be. They also travel in packs. They like to have plenty of rocks to rest on on shore, as well. If you take all these factors into consideration when you travel to Alaska, you should have no problems finding the walruses.