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Waimea is a small town in South Kohala in Hawaii. It offers a great deal of farmland and a great deal of history. Here is a list of some of the sights you won't want to miss when you visit Waimea, Hawaii.

• Mana Home. This is the original site of the Parker Ranch. This ranch was the home of John Palmer Parker, who brought livestock and farming to the area. You can tour the home and you'll see lots of period artwork and furniture.

• Kamuela Museum. This is the largest private museum in Hawaii. Here, you'll learned all about Hawaiian culture from some of the island's natives.You can tour the museum for a nominal fee. You'll see all kinds of antiques, some that are native to the islands and some that were brought to
the island in its early days.

• Imiola Church. This church is one along a row of churches east of town on Route 19. This church is one of the oldest frame churches, built in 1857. It's one of the first English churches in the area. You can tour this church
for free.

• Free hula lessons. You won't want to miss this when you visit the Parker Ranch. Every Monday afternoon, you can learn how to dance just like the best Hawaiians.

• Thelma Parker Theater. This is a theater that presents the history and tradition of the Parker Ranch. The video is played any time anyone wants it to be played, if enough people have gathered. It can be found inside the Parker Ranch.

• John Palmer Parker Museum. This museum shows the history of the Parker family that has resided in the Waimea area for six generations since the Ranch was formed. Here you can learn all about the family and how the family fits in with the rest of the culture of the island.