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Wailea means "Lea’s waters" in Hawaiian. This is one of the more exotic and amazing resort areas in Hawaii. The resort was created to appeal to the upper class. But even if you’re not able to rent a place to stay in Wailea, there are plenty of reasons to come visit the town. Here are some of the main sights and beaches you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Wailea, Hawaii.

• Wailea beach. If you go a mile past the Wailea town center, you’ll be able to park at the each. This is an excellent spot for surfing and swimming. And if you’re looking for a great, beach. The sands here are pure and white.
• Polo beach. This is a great secluded place. Some natives come here to sunbathe and swim, but it’s a little known place for tourists. You can snorkel and fish here, and the sands are white and pure.
• Keawakapu beach. This beach offers a great place for you to dive offshore, if you’ve never done it before. The beaches here offer white sands and the waters have clean sandy bottoms. At this beach you can also see an underwater junkyard, where cars form an artificial reef under water!
• Wailea Tennis Center. This is a good place for the tennis enthusiasts in your group. Several of the area hotels host tennis championships regularly at these locations.
• Inu Inu Room. If you like to dance to swing or disco music, you’ll want to check this place out. There is live music nightly.
• Golf courses. There are some incredible courses here. If you go to the lower slopes on Haleakala, you’ll find several courses open to the public.
• Kaewalai Church. This church was first built in 1832 and restored in 1952. If you’ll be visiting Wailea on a weekend, go to a service on Sunday morning. Parts of the service are still spoken and sung in Hawaiian.