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If you’re on a budget and still want to make a visit out to Waikiki, it can be done. In fact, there are plenty of inexpensive hotels and other places you can stay on Waikiki to save a couple bucks from the resorts on the beaches. Here are some tips.

• Try a youth hostel. There are two youth hostels not too far from each other in Waikiki. Many people from Australia tend to stay here. You can get a bunk in a dorm room for about $10 a night. If you are a couple and want to get a studio dorm to yourselves, that will cost about $30 a night. You need to be sure to book these a couple weeks in advance because they go quickly. Hale Aloha Youth Hostel. 2417 Prince Edward ST. 926-8313. And, International Club Hostel Waikiki, 2413 Kuhio Avenue. 924-2636.
• Edgewater Hotel. This is a hotel that isn’t far from the main strip in Waikiki, and it offers a reasonable place to stay. Rates range from $50 to $120. 2168 Kalia Road, 922-6424.
• Outrigger Coral Seas Hotel. This is a good inexpensive place to stay in what is generally an expensive tourist’s town. The hotel doesn’t necessarily have the nicest furniture, but it’s certainly usable and comfortable. Rates range from $50 to $70. 250 Lewers Street. 923-3881.
• Waikiki Hana Hotel. This is right behind the huge Hyatt Regency Hotel and it’s right in the middle of things. It’s also a smaller hotel. Rates range from $64 to $95 a night. 2424 Koa Avenue. 926-8841.
• Waikiki Beachside Apartment Hotel. This is a good place to stay if you’ll be staying in Waikiki for a week or more. The rent runs from $250 to $1000 a week, depending on the time of season and how many are in your group. You can get rooms that have complete kitchens, as well. This apartment hotel doesn’t accept many reservations. The managers are very interested in seeing you first. They want to know who they admit into their hotel. You can contact them at 2556 Lemon Road. 923-9566.