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Since the summer is warming up, now is the time to plan a wonderful vacation at Virginia Beach, Virginia. I have lived here for the past several years, and I would like to pass on along some recommendations of a few points of interests that any tourist would love to know.
If you love seafood, then be sure to stop by Harpoon Larry's, located on 24th Street and Pacific, and order their outstanding crab dip. They won't give out the recipe, but it will make your mouth water with delight. There are plenty of other seafood restaurants in the area, but if you really hungry for seafood, and I mean REALLY hungry, there's a one stop seafood buffet that will have your tastebuds tingle with pleasure. Captain George's is located on Laskin Road just a few miles from the beach, and for twenty-five bucks you can have all the seafood that your heart could desire. Just be sure to leave room for dessert.
If it's dance clubs that you are interested in, then you'll find several hot clubs along the coast line. In one block, between 21st and 22nd on Atlantic Avenue, most of the nightclubs are located right next to each other. On Friday nights, "Peobody's" has live bands, cold beer, and hot women. On 18th street, "Worrell Brothers" has three floors of socializing entertainment, which includes a restaurant and a game room.
Perhaps you would be more interested in some other tourist attractions. While strolling along Atlantic Avenue, you can check out the wax museum, be scared at the haunted house, and be entertained in the fun house. When you reach Rudee's Inlet, you can take a dolphin tour on one the boats, and believe me, the dolphins jump all around the boat.
Be sure to schedule your trip during on the events that the beach has planned during the summer. The first weekend of June all the Elvis impersonators are in town, including the flying Elvis's. Labor Day weekend is the big musical festival. Imagine watching the Beach Boys as you dance in the sand. And don't forget the Neptune Festival in the fall when you can watch the fireworks over the ocean. Be sure to check out more details at