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Texas is a huge state with a vast landscape ranging from the flatness of Houston to the mountains in El Paso. Its size makes it difficult for a person to decide where to take a vacation.

This being true there are many places to travel to. One of the top places is the island- South Padre Island, that is. South Padre Island is a resort town on the Gulf of Mexico with five miles of shopping, dining and sun. There are various places to go bungee jumping-and from the crazy height of 150 feet. The beaches make the island and usually have lots of people on them. The nightlife is great and offers a great opportunity to unwind.

Another great place to visit in Texas is the small community of Kima. This town is about 45 minutes away from Houston and offers a great refreshing air. It has a small market in the center of the city with small shops and a huge merry-go round. It also has the best seafood areas in the state- probably due to the fact that this place is right on the Gulf of Mexico. Kima is beautiful and has a lower temperature than Houston due to its proximity to the ocean.

About an hour and half west of Houston is the town of Bellville. One can get a real taste of Texas as this city is next to miles and miles of farmland. Bellville has a lot of beautiful antique stores. It also has many small classical stores that have the feel of the beginning of the 19th century. Also, when one enters the city, he knows it due to the smell of the bakery. This bakery is incredible and gives the city a special smell as well as feel.

A place on the far east of Texas worth visiting would have to be El Paso. A city of nearly three-quarters of a million people, El Paso sprawls across hundreds of square miles of desert and rambling foothills. The Franklin Mountains, the southern tip of the Rockies, slice El Paso nearly in two. Whether the Hueco Tanks State Historic Park or Guadalupe Mountains National Park (Texas), the geography of El Paso is incredible. Its Mexican neighbor of Juarez is a five-minute bus trip and offers the feel of an Old Spanish city. El Paso is a definitely a beautiful and exciting place to travel.

San Antonio is another great place in Texas to take trip, too. It is about a three-hour drive from Houston. It houses many great historical sights. The Alamo shows the site where Davy Crockett and William Travis were killed in their fight for Texas independence. Also the city has Sea World and Fiesta Texas- great amusement parks for the children. Lovers will find the river walk full of romantic views and great restaurants. San Antonio also offers a variety of museums, galleries and stores containing collectibles and clothing as unique and diverse as the Texas landscape.

These are just some places to visit in Texas. Some of the places listed are real popular for young people i.e. South Padre Island. Others are more for people looking for a great view. Texas has something for just about everybody.