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If you’re looking for some nicer places to stay in the Waikiki part of Oahu, you won’t be at a loss. There are plenty of deluxe accommodations here. Here is a list of some of the fanciest and glitsiest.

• Sheraton Moana Surfrider Hotel. This is Waikiki’s oldest and most extravagant hotel. They recently completed a $50 million upgrade. The Moana Hotel will bring you to turn-of-the-century Hawaii with a modern flair. Prices range from $145 to $260 a night.922-3111.
• Hawaiian Regent Hotel. This hotel has seen the likes of royalty. The hotel stands on the original site of Queen Liliuokalani’s summer cottage. This is the third largest hotel in Hawaii, and rates range from $110 to $380 per night.
• The Halekulani Hotel. This is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. The Halekulani Hotel is one of the island’s newest hotel additions and one of the grandest. It was built just a few years ago and kept in mind that some of the most extravagant visitors to the island deserve a world-class touch. This hotel offers complimentary chocolates and hors d’ouerves when you arrive: each room has is large with private balconies and extraordinary service. The inexpensive rooms here start at $190. The nicest rooms and amenities will run about $650.
• The Kahala Hilton. This is also one of the best hotels in the world. It’s slightly outside of Waikiki, but is still amazing. This hotel offers guests an amazing seclusion factor, has a private beach for guests only, plenty of sports gear for you to use and amazing sea and mountain views from all rooms. You can spend a night here for $180 to $1,700.
• Hyatt Regency. This hotel boasts plenty of nice trees and a waterfall. It exudes a peaceful atmosphere, and rates run from $130 to $1,100 per night.
• Royal Hawaiian Hotel. This hotel is the second oldest hotel in Hawaii. Rates run from $195 to $1,700.