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Oahu has some of the nicest places to be among the places on all of the islands. You just have to know where to look. There are six miles of beaches lining all of Waikiki from central Waikiki to Maunalua Bay. On these beaches you can enjoy all sorts of water sports, fishing, swimming, and relaxing on the white sands under the Hawaiian sun. Here are some of the places you should check out when you're in Waikiki.

• Prince Kuhio Beach Center. This beach is along Kalakaua Avenue. There's a big wall right in front of the beach, separating it off. This is a good place for many different kinds of water sports, including swimming. You need to watch out for rough coral, however, if you decide to go scuba diving or snorkeling. This is a good place for canoeing, snorkeling and surfing.
• Sans Souci Beach. This beach is in front of two large hotels, but you can swim there even if you aren't staying at one of them. This is a good place for families to come, because the Sans Souci Beach offers some of the calmest waters on the Waikiki shores.
• Kaluahole Beach. This beach is near Diamond Head. This is a small beach but a good one. You'll want to surf here definitely. The water is typically safe year round.
• Diamond Head Beach Park. This is one of the larger beaches in Waikiki. It encompasses almost two acres of land. However, it is quite narrow and is incredibly rocky. This is a good place for families and for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle.
• Kaalawai Beach. This is a good place to swim, so if you're looking for good swimming water, this may be your place. Many locals come here. They like the fishing.
• Kahala Beach. This beach is right off Kahala Avenue. You probably don't want to swim here generally, but there are some good sandy areas where snorkeling and swimming are possible. And because there are a number of big hotels nearby, it is well lifeguarded. If you go past the reef at this beach, you can find some good surfing, as well.