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If you’re going to lie on the beach the entire time you’re in Maui, you really don’t need any kind of transportation. But if your goal is to see the island, you need to establish some good way to get around on the island. Here are the best ways for you to get around on the island and some ideas to consider that you may not have thought of.

• If you truly want to see the island, the best way to do that is to rent a car. There are plenty of places for you to do this, too. It’s fairly inexpensive to rent a car here. That’s mainly because there are more than 30 different rental car companies around and they all want your business. You can even get better deals if you travel to Hawaii during the late spring, summer and fall months. That’s the off season in Maui and it can mean you can save you money.
• Public Buses. There are plenty of companies that can take you from place to place on the island for a nominal fee. There are several companies that can take you from the airport to the various sights and all the hotels and condos. The limitations are that they only operate during certain hours and you need to pay close attention to the time when you’re using public transportation.
• Taxis. There are plenty of taxi companies on Maui, too. But they can cost you some serious money to get from one end of the island to another. It’s not a huge island, but it’s not a small island, either. The different cab companies are Red and White cab (661-3684), Mita Taxi (871-4622), Wailea Taxi (879-1059), Kihei Taxi (879-3000), Kahului Taxi (242-6404), and Kahaina Taxi (661-4147).
• Try hitchhiking. Yes, it may seem scary on the surface, but in reality hitchhiking on Maui is not that big of deal safety wise. Keep in mind that it is illegal! But if you get caught, you’ll be arrested. If you stand along the side of the road facing traffic, smile and just stand there. Don’t put your thumb out to get a ride; natives know what you need. You’d be surprised how easy it is to get a ride.