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When you're on a trip to Alaska and Juneau, you need to take as much of it in as possible. Often that means trying to find the right tour company for your needs. Here is a list of some good guided tours in the Juneau area and
what you need to know about them.

• Auk Nu Tours. This is a cruise company that offers ferry service to the Alaskan towns of Gustavus and Tracy Arm. A cruise is a good idea if you want to experience what Alaska looks from the water as well as from the shore. You can reach this tour company at 907-586-8687.

• Coastal Helicopters. For a unique perspective on Alaska, you'll want to consider taking a helicopter tour of the region. You'll pay a bit more for these tours, but it can be quite worth it. You can hire Coastal Helicopters or a variety of different tours by calling 907-789-5600.

• Alaska Sightseeing. This company offers two-day cruises to see different wildlife areas around the Glacier Bay National Park area. These tours are seasonal, only offered in the late spring through early fall months. 907-586-6064.

• Alaska Rainforest Tours. These are tours that can be taken for three-day excursions to Tracy Arm and various other locations across Alaska. What makes this tour company unique is that the tour can be tailored to fit your groups needs, but you may pay a bit more. You'll also see glaciers on this tour. 907-463-3466.

• Alaska Discovery. This is widely known as one of the best tours available of the Alaskan coast. This company provides tours of all sorts, along with plenty of other different types of Alaskan trips to suit your wants, including camping and kayaking. 907-780-6226.

• Gold Panning and Gold Mine Tour. This tour company actually lets you pan for gold. It will take you to the Alaska-Juneau mine and tells you how to pan for gold. It's said to be one of the best tours in the Juneau area.