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A visitor's first stop in Sydney should be the ‘Visitor's Centre' located at 106 George Street, The Rocks. There a visitor will find all the information they need on what to do and see while in the beautiful city of Sydney. It is open daily from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.. The staff are often multilingual and always helpful and pleasant.

The Rocks got its name from the sandstone hills that the first settlement in Sydney occupied in 1788. It was once a squalid, plague-ridden area and now hosts one of the quaintest and loveliest historical areas in Sydney. Visitors can amble through the winding streets and lanes and feast on some of the most unusual shops and art galleries in the city.

A weekend at The Rocks is an extravaganza of entertainment. The famous outdoor Weekend Market sits under billowing sail-like canopies on the northern end of George Street. There are more than 150 different stalls; each offers unusual crafts, art, antiques, jewelry and pottery to name a few.

The streets are lined at various sections with different types of entertainment. Some weekends a specific theme is followed; others are an eclectic collection of musicians and performers. You can hear many different types of music as you roam the alleys, cobbled lanes and main streets of this area. It isn't unusual to experience jazz, country, rock, classical or Latin all in one day.

Two of the oldest pubs in Sydney, the Lord Nelson Brewery and Hero of Waterloo, are located here. There are many quaint establishments to stop for a bite to eat or a drink hidden in the heart of this relaxing tourist area. You may walk along down to Miller's Point, a connecting suburb, and note many historic buildings that are less developed than the main area of The Rocks.

Some of the finest restored colonial buildings in the city are located here. Susannah Place, Cadman's Cottage, the Garrison Church, and the Sydney Observatory are just a few of the attractions that can be found in The Rocks.

You can reach the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout from this area. It is a two hundred step climb up the southeast pylon and well worth the effort. For the visitor it is an educational tour of how the bridge was built. The view from the pylon is one of the best in the area. For the very brave, a guided walk along the top of the bridge can be arranged.

The Sydney Harbour National Park Information Centre is located at Cadman's Cottage and visitors can book tours of Goat Island, Clark or Rodd Islands from this site.

There is a well renowned Puppet Cottage in Kendall Lane that preforms puppet shows on weekends and school holidays. These shows are delightful and most suited for children between the ages of four and ten, as well as for the young in heart.

The Rocks is a marvelous mixture of culture, history, business and just plain relaxation. Be sure to tour the area while you are in Sydney.