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The Dead Sea is bounded on the west by Israel and on the east by Jordan. It is 1,312 ft below sea level which makes it the lowest lake and the deepest interior basin in the world.It has a length of 80 km and a width of 18 km. It has an over all area of 1620 sq. km.

The Jordan river usually enters the lake by way of its northern side and so do other streams coming from its eastern side.Precipitated minerals from evaporated ones which dissolved known as evaporites form this arid basin. Hence,all water that enters the lake cannot exit except only if it evaporates. Since large minerals are being carried by the incoming water,the basin gets additional minerals that are very thick in amount.

The Dead Sea is the saltiest lake in the world.It is as deep as 1,000 ft and has 27% of its minerals like common salt,magnesium chloride,etc. settled there. There are no available life forms living there. If ever there is,it would die. Only very little species of microbes are there.

Minerals like potash, bromine and salt are extracted from the Dead Sea. It also serves the public as a winter health resort.

Certain ancient scrolls have been found in the Dead Sea which adds to its history. It was in 1947 when Jum'a, a shepherd in the Bedouins tribe, wandered and found old sea scrolls wrapped in leather and cloth in a cave northwest of the Dead Sea,in Qumrain Valley. Other forms of discovered ancient scrolls followed after this this remarkable find. The contents include the entire book of Isaiah and Old Testament pieces except the book of Esther. These archaelogical discoveries were estimated to be more than 1,000 years older than any other Hebrew texts.