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Gatlinburg, Tennessee is probably one of the largest attractions in Tennessee. And with good reason, too. It proudly boasts the beautiful Smoky Mountains and encompasses Pigeon Forge, a wonderful attraction for young and old alike. While the price of this vacation is slightly higher than most if you rent a chalet or hotel, if you own an RV or want to camp under the stars it's a wonderful experience for less. Once you get inside the Smoky Mountain National Park, go to the visitor's center and check out all the attractions. They have hiking trails, info on camping, info on great places to eat, as well as wonderful places to visit and shop.

About five hours west of Gatlinburg is the small town of Hohenwald, Tennessee. It's population is well under fifteen thousand and it is known as the junkstore capitol of the world. It proudly boasts a wonderful selection of junk stores and antique-thrift shops that will delight the whole family. As well, while you're in Hohenwald, visit the Natchez Trace Park, the site of Meriwhether Lewis' original log home and burial grounds. Though small, they do have hotels and camping grounds to accomodate travelers.

Just nineteen miles west of Hohenwald is the sleepy town of Linden, Tennessee. It's population is much smaller than that of its neighbor but it is the home of the famous Mousetail Landing State Park. This park is along the banks of the beautiful Tennessee river and is host to camping grounds, beautiful park grounds and tons of wildlife. (Though, hunters beware: Hunting here will get you a hefty fine!)

Just a few miles south of Linden is Shiloh National Battlefield. Here is the battleground from one of the largest battles of the Civil War. They have an on-site museum that is host to Civil War memorablia and much more.

While in this area try a little hunting or fishing. Hunters from many surrounding states converge on Tennessee each year for its vast amounts of woodland and deer that make it a perfect hunting area. As well, there are many streams, creeks, rivers and lakes in this surrounding area that makes for great fishing.

It's no wonder they say "Tennessee sounds good to me!"