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Taronga Park Zoo is housed in one of the most spectacular settings of any zoo world wide. Located in Mossman on top of a steep hill, it boasts a superb Harbourside setting. Ferries leave Circular Quay from wharf two and stop at the Taronga Park Wharf, the trip takes about twelve minutes. Passes can be obtained from ticket counters in the Quay. A Pass includes transportation to the zoo wharf, a bus or cable car ride to the main entrance at the top of the hill, zoo admission and a return ferry ride.

The Zoo houses more than 3,000 animals from all over the world as well as those indigenous to Australia. This award winning zoo, winner of best International Zoo in 1992, is spectacular in many aspects. Visitors discover Sydney’s only platypus exhibit, Tasmanian devils, elephants, seals, orangutans, chimpanzees, giraffes and lets not forget the loveable koalas. Children of all ages and stages of life will enjoy having their picture taken, free of cost, with a cuddly koala daily at 10:30a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Tour the outstanding exhibit ‘Serpentia’, a state of the art amphibian and reptile display. A walk-through allows travelers close contact with wallaby, kangaroo and emu. Visitors delight in the many diverse animals on display: tree frogs, Sumatran tigers, gorillas, tree kangaroos, a snow leopard, wombats, red kangaroos, grey-headed flying fox, diamond pythons, a frill neck lizard, the list is seemingly endless.

The staff at Taronga Park Zoo are dedicated to education and willingly answer any questions. The Zoo Education Centers are dedicated to teaching people about animals and their habitats. In this endeavor they hope to help people understand the importance of saving our animal world population. Lessons at the Education Centers are geared toward children. Lessons are K-12 curriculum bases covering such areas as art, science, history and geography.

The Taronga Park Zoo prides it self in its natural beauty. Not only are animals housed as near to natural conditions as possible, but the plants and vegetation in the park are maintained with pride and care. There are many trees and plants that have been in the park for years. Above the Tasmanian Devils exhibit there is a Small-leaved Fig that was said to have been planted between 1912 and 1918. Other older specimens include a Moreton Bay Fig tree that is very old, it’s thought to be one of the original trees planted in the park.

Taronga Park Zoo is dedicated to saving all forms of life from extinction. The Haloragodendron lucasii is a plant thought to be extinct until it was discovered again in the Hornsby-Mona Vale region in 1986. Cuttings of this plant were sent to the Taronga Zoo in 1996 from the Mt. Annan Botanic Gardens. The plant in now under cultivation at the zoo. Plans are being made to display the endangered species with other foliage it normally flourishes with. When this plant is in the wild it spreads vegetatively, the seeds are sterile. It is a goal at the zoo to keep this special variation alive and proliferate.

The Taronga Park Zoo is a setting of beauty, culture and diversity in every sense. The park is well laid out, easily navigated especially when you tour it downhill, starting at the rear entrance near the wharf makes it an uphill climb all the way. A cable car is available at the rear entrance for those who wish to take it up the hill. Don’t miss the beauty and exotic atmosphere of this unusual zoo.