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St. Petersburg is a city with history. It is the second largest city in Russia next to Moscow.
Before one sees the beautiful places to visit in this great city one has to realize that it is designed like one of the Western European capitals. It shares many similarities to Paris, Vienna, and London. The city has had 3 names: St. Petersburg, Petrograd, and Leningrad (after V.I Lenin). After the fall of the Soviet Union it has started to be called St. Petersburg all over again.
The busiest street is Nevesky Prospekt. One will find great restaurants and shops all along this large street; unfortunately one will also find large crowds.
There are some very interesting places in St. Petersburg that one cannot see anywhere else in Russia and maybe not even in the entire world. The Hermitage has many of the world’s greatest masterpieces. One can see history evolved in the Hermitage as it has art ranging from Greek and Roman pieces to Islamic art. It boasts a beautiful baroque and renaissance painting collection. The museum is simply magnificent and one of a kind.
The Kirov Theater is a world leader in the arts and produces some of the most beautiful ballet in all of Europe. Its opera productions draw celebrities from around the world. The Pushkin Theater offers a place to see some of the best dramatic pieces of the world performed.
The flea markets offer one a chance to get anything from famous Russian Faberge eggs to authentic Russian flasks. The flea market solicitors are very active and will follow tourists around-make sure to guard one's wallet. The flea markets are outside of any of the major tourist attractions.
One might want to visit the Conservatory of Music, which has produced such composers as Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky. One cannot miss the Cathedral of St. Issac of Dalmatia, which is a beautiful golden dome that glistens in the Russian city’s skyline.
A note of caution is to see this Russian city with a group. The city is not that safe and staying with a large group is the best way to maintain one’s safety. Going off by one’s self is not advisable.
The city offers amazing views and brilliant one of kind sites. It offers tourists an amazing opportunity to see how Russia and has evolved through the years.