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In 1764, French traders founded the city of St. Louis. Today they would hardly be able to recognize their little trading post on the Mississippi River.

This trading post has turned into a city with many museums, sports, and great places to visit. Its museums are some of the most unique in the country. The Museum of Westward Expansion, for example, features a history of America’s movement from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. The Jefferson Memorial building displays many pictures and monuments to Charles Lindbergh, the man who made the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

A sports fan will have endless opportunities to see some of the world’s greatest athletes in St. Louis. The TWA Dome hosts the 2000 NFL champion Rams. The over 70,000-person capacity makes it relatively easy to get a seat during the season (unless the Rams are in a championship chase). The baseball Cardinals play at Busch Stadium where almost every game is sold out. The Cards have a great tradition and a very loyal fan base. The NHL Blues play in the Kiel Center and have a solid backing year in and year out. Also, a sports fan will probably want to check out Washington University’s football field, Francis Field.

The sights in St. Louis are fabulous. The Gateway Arch, the nation’s tallest monument at 630 feet high, welcomes visitors. Grant’s farm in Grantwood is a 281-acre area that has a cabin owned by the great Ulysses S. Grant. It is located next to national parks full of nature. The old Union Station on Market Street has become a shopping, dining, and entertainment complex. The whole street has become a great place for discos and other entertainment for young adults.

For the shopper, the Galleria in Clayton provides an excellent opportunity to see one of the bigger malls in the Unites States.

The best way to get around the city is on the metrolink. For a few bucks, one can get to basically all the major places and sites in the city. Taxicabs are very expensive and do not allow you to interact with the friendly people of St. Louis as well as the metrolink does.