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There's no simple way to make your way to your favorite destination in southeastern Alaska. Southeastern Alaska's panhandle is one of the favorite places to go by tourists because of its proximity to the United States. Here are some tips on how you should travel to southeastern Alaska.

• The best way to get to southeastern Alaska is to hop on a ferry or cruise ship. A common way to get there by ferry is to leave from Bellingham, Washington, and to travel through the Inside Passage of Alaska. Some different cruise ships you should consider are: Sky Princess (310-553-1770), Windward (800-327-7030), Ryndam (800-426-0327), Sun Princess (310-553-1770), Crown (800-421-1700), Universe Explorer (800-854-3835), Golden Princess (310-553-1770), and Horizon (800-437-3111).

• Tour boats. There are plenty of tour boats that can take you all throughout the southeastern coast. You can typically find a ferry ride and a cabin to Alaska leaving from Washington state for under $700 a person.

• Airplane. You can of course catch a flight from your hometown to your destination in Alaska. The price of your round-trip airfare varies depending on the time of year you'll be traveling and the distance.

• Car. For many people, the best way to travel to Alaska is by car. This is the best option primarily if you have a couple weeks for your vacation. If you're looking to see Alaska in five days or less, you'll more than likely want to take a boat. But if you've got time to drive all the major roadways and see all the major sites of Alaska, a car will give you a more exhuberating experience.

• Cruise yachts. This is a yacht that will take you through the Inside Passage of Alaska as well as along the Gulf of Alaska. The main cruise yacht company is Seabourn Pride. 800-929-9595.