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The Leamington Lighthouse, also known as the Hilton Head Range Rear Lighthouse, was established in 1877 and first lit in 1881 on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, near Beaufort. Standing at 136 feet above sea level, the cast iron lighthouse is an example of the “Skeletal Pyramid” style of lighthouses. It has no markings; it is just painted plain white.

The island and the surrounding areas of the Leamington Lighthouse are home to some intriguing historic artifacts. During World War II, the Leamington Lighthouse was the site of Camp McDougal, and was used by the Confederate Shore Patrol. Gun emplacements the Confederacy used for target practice out over the Atlantic are still visible south of the Hyatt Hotel as the sands shift with the tides. These join Indian relics and landmarks of the Revolution and Civil War that are found throughout the island.

Today, the Leamington Lighthouse is no longer operational. The lightkeeper’s house has since been moved to Harbour Town, and the lighthouse itself is surrounded by the Arthur Hill Golf Course. As a matter of fact, if you are golfing the course, you can see the lighthouse from the 5th and 15th greens. It sits in a residential area at Palmetto Dunes Resort. Although this lighthouse is now privately owned, it can be viewed, but only by appointment.