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If you’re looking for good places to shop on Maui, you likely won’t have to look to far. There are plenty of places to find what you want and need to buy in the towns that line the island. Here is a list of the best shopping places on Maui, where they are, and what you need to know about them.

• Azeka Place. This is a mall that’s along Kihei Road in Kiehi. You can eat at a restaurant there and visit some water sports stores.
• Kukul Mall. This is a mall that’s been open for about 10 years and is along Kihei Road, as well. You can eat, visit some liquor stores and check out some local boutiques here.
• Wailea Shopping Village. There are some great more expensive places to shop at here. This is near the Maui resorts Stouffer’s and Interncontinental. You can find some more affordable stores here, too.
• Kaahumanu Mall. This is the largest mall on the island. You’ll find a Sears, Waldenbooks, and a movie theater there. There are plenty of clothing, computer, music and art stores here, along with many restaurants. This mall is along Kaahumanu Avenue.
• Maui Mall. There are plenty of stores here, too. You’ll find drug stores, sandwich shops and plenty of sports wear. This mall is just down the road from the Kaahumanu Mall on Kaahumanu Avenue.
• The Wharf. This is a little shopping area in downtown Lahaina. There are plenty of places to eat, some nice local shops, and some coffee stores.
• The Lahaina Cannery Shopping Mall. This is the second largest mall on Maui and the largest on the western side of the island. It’s on the west side of Lahaina, and has all kinds of specialty shops, food, bargain stores and restaurants.
• Whaler’s Village. This is a mall that also is a museum. It’s in Kaanapali and here you can walk around and learn Maui’s history, along with shop at some boutiques and eat at a quaint restaurant.