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Whether for swimming, hiking, fishing, surfing, or climbing, a beach is always regarded as one of the best recreational places to go. However, it is not always the place to go to get away from the crowd. Many of the most
popular beaches are also among the populated. So, if beaches are your thing, but crowds are not, here is a list of a few stretches of sand that have yet to be touched by tarmac, summer homes or boardwalks. Some require a ferry ride or a hike, but are worth the extra effort.

Jasper Beach (near Machiasport, Maine)

A ten to twenty minute walk from the parking lot will get you to this beach with reddish volcanic rock from glacial cliffs. Named for the smooth pebbles of jasper, this is the place to go to see eagles.

Highland Light Beach (near Truro, Massachusetts)

A short trek from Cape Cod Light will take you to these heather-covered cliffs of Outer Cape Cod. They remind one of the Scottish highlands.

Hammocks Beach (on Bear Island, just south of Borgue Banks and Morehead City, North Carolina)

A pedestrian ferry is the only way to get to this four-mile long island that has no vehicles or buildings, except for a park concession.

Padre Island (about 20 miles south of Corpus Christi, Texas)

At over 110 miles in length, this is the longest barrier island in the world. With some development at either end, the best way to get around is by off-road vehicle.

Little River (near Mendocino, California)

Due to the deep water just off shore and the coastal upswelling of ice-cold water, this is not a good beach to swim from, but it is great for hiking.

Shi Shi Beach (part of Olympic National Park, Washington)

This one is really secluded, requiring a thirteen-mile hike. It is next to an Indian reservation, and so, requires permission to visit. You can see a variety of wildlife.

Kalalau Beach State Park (on the Napoli coast of the island of Kauai, Hawaii)

This is the number one eco-tourism resort destination in Hawaii, featuring an eleven-mile hiking trail. The island of Kauai has a number of other secluded beaches on the area known as the South Shore.

So, if you're looking for a little sandy solitude, now you know where to find it.