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The City Market is a quaint gathering spot in Savannah, Georgia. It is located off the river, on Barnard Street, in downtown Savannah. It is a place people gather to eat, shop, visit, and enjoy festivals. It is a thriving part of the town's atmosphere, and has been for years.

The History

While the City Market is known today more as an area or spot, years ago it was known as a specific building. In the mid 1700's, it was a market where merchants and farmers traded animals, vegetables and other goods. People from all across the Southeast came to trade in the City Market. But the building would not survive. In fact, it would be destroyed twice by fire, once by war, and finally by modernization. In 1954, the fourth building was torn down because it could not compete with the modern supermarkets and malls. So, while there is no historic building called City Market, many of the buildings along Julian Street have been restored, and the whole area is known as City Market today.

Annual Events

City Market is where people gather for fun and entertainment. Throughout the calendar year, the city hosts a wide variety of events. Many of them happen at a local bar named Malone's. Malone's plays live music in the courtyard. During May, it hosts "Beach, Boogie and Blues" weekend; in June it's "Rockin' Blues" weekend; and in August it's "Back to School Blues" weekend. Inside Malone's, patrons will find a traditional bar, a daiquiri bar as well as a dance floor and game room. But, even if you do not want to go inside, the music can be heard in the courtyard many weekends out of the year.

Halloween and Christmas are also special events in the City Market. For Halloween, adults gather to get their costumes judged. At Christmas-time businesses put up amazing decorations. At least 500 luminaria hang in the courtyard. This is a time when musicians play outside and children come to get pictures made with Father Christmas.

You won't want to miss New Year's Eve, either. People gather at the Market to watch a ball drop over the courtyard and dance the night away.


Gypsy Moth is a quaint store on the west end of City Market. The store showcases eclectic items from Elvis memorabilia to African masks. If you like the offbeat, they have it at Gypsy Moth, including hats, lunchboxes and postcards.

Beaucoup Beads is like Mardi Gras in Savannah. This little shop has thousands of different types of beads, including ceramic, glass, stone and brass. If you cannot find one you are fond of, you can even make your own.

Moon Dance is a spiritual bookstore. In addition to books on dreams and astronomy, you can also find spiritual accessories. They have incense, crystals and creams.

Next door to the Moon Dance store, you can meander off your feet. The Hammock Company has a variety of hammocks and hanging chairs for sale.

World Winds is a store featuring contemporary clothing. For the latest trends, you will find them at World Winds.

If you are a little more traditional, the courtyard has numerous classic clothing stores. Jonathan Arthur, Polo and Tommy Bahama are some of the lines, to name a few.


The dinning in Savannah is superb. You will not have a hard time finding a quality place to eat. But, if you are in the Market already, the City Market Cafe might be your choice. They have a wide variety from pizza to steak. The cafe is on the eastern side of the market and is open for lunch and dinner.