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There are some great cheap places to eat on Maui. These are restaurant at which you can expect good food without the high prices. When you eat at these restaurants, you need to keep in mind that you’ll be losing the atmosphere you’d get to see when dining at other fancier places, but you still get good Hawaiian food at good prices.
• Maui Prince. This restaurant in Makena is a good one that you don’t want to miss. The food is good and inexpensive and you can eat well. This restaurant is a favorite of the locals, too.
• Mama’s Fish House. This restaurant in Paia is one of the favorite inexpensive seafood restaurants among the natives to Hawaii. This restaurant will supply you with an amazing meal, without the atmosphere of a finer dining restaurant. It’s worth checking out.
• The Grill and Bar. This is a very good restaurant just off the Kapalua Golf Course. You can get a wide array of meals here at a very affordable price.
• Erik’s Seafood Grotto. This restaurant in Kahana is some good eats, too. You can eat some very good seafood here at a good price.
• Sitada’s This restaurant is in Makawao. It is low an atmosphere. But at this restaurant you can get plenty of great Hawaiian-cooked food. You want to eat here to get the best bowl of saimin in Maui.
• Paradise Fruit Company. This restaurant is in Kihei. You not only can get some great fruit here, but they have pretty good inexpensive sandwiches, as well.
• Picnics. This restaurant in Paia has some excellent home-cooked food. You can get a good quick meal that will get you ready for the rest of your day at an inexpensive price.
• Ma Chan’s. This restaurant in the Kaahumanu Shopping Center offers great prices and can give you a good meal.
• Silversword. This restaurant offers some great home-cooked meals at an inexpensive price.
• Hasegawa’s General Store. This store serves mainly American food, but you can get some great food at a reasonable price. It closes early in the evening most days, so you need to be sure to eat at appropriate times.