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Filling up with tasty and nutritious foods in Poipu is quite easy and you'll find just about any price range available to you.

If you're looking for something relatively inexpensive:
a.. Koloa Ice House is located on Koloa Road as you enter the town. It seems like a deli, but you can have a sit-down meal if you prefer. Tempting you will be items like sandwiches, cheeses, fresh juices, ice cream, shave ice and mud pies.
b.. Fez's Pizza specializes in gourmet deep-dish pizza, sandwiches and pasta.
c.. Lappert's Aloha Ice Cream . . . whose name is its menu.
d.. Taqueria Nortenos, located in Poipu Plaza, can fill you up on Mexican fast food. The flavorful food is homemade but pre-cooked, waiting in heating trays. Vegetarian meals are also served here.
e.. Brennecke's Snack Bar is located just off Poipu Beach. You'll find the best deals on hot dogs, burgers, and plate lunches.
f.. Garden Isle Bake Shoppe, located in the Kiahuna Shopping Village, is the best place outside of the hotel restaurants for pastry and coffee.
g.. Kino's Burgers are great for lunch . . . various burgers are available.

For moderate priced meals, check out:
a.. Koloa Broiler is great fun and great food. You make your selection and it is brought to your table uncooked. From there, you take it to a grill where a large clock and a poster of cooking times tell you how long your self-made dinner will take. They also offer a salad bar and a huge pot of baked beans.
b.. Mango's Tropical Restaurant and Bar has a casual atmosphere and a large menu selection. Lunch items range from soup and salads to sandwiches, fish and health foods. The dinner menu is a bit heavier. Takeout is also available.
c.. Keoki's Paradise serves the fresh fish of the day, plus steaks and ribs. And the house wine is better than most! Keoki's offers tables inside and under the stars next to the fishpond.
d.. Pizza Bella is a contemporary restaurant with checkered tile floors, mirrored walls, glass blocks under the counter backlit by pink neon lights, ceiling fans, and lots of potted plants. If you want something more unusual, try one of the gourmet pizzas. In addition, hot and cold sandwiches, salads and various pasta dishes are served.
e.. Cantina Flamingo will satisfy your taste buds if you're craving south-of-the-border food. Sizzling fajitas are the specialty of the house. You can't go wrong with this choice!

You can find other mid-price restaurants at the hotels and clubhouses in Poipu.

Exquisite dining can be enjoyed at various restaurants that have perfect positions along Poipu's beaches. Here are a few:
a.. Outrigger Room is the Sheraton Kauai's main dining facility. It's known for its Polynesian Revue and the sumptuous feast.
b.. Naniwa Japanese Retaurant is also in the Sheraton, serving elegant food next to the fish-filled lagoon.
c.. The Tamarind Room is in the Waiohai Hotel and is considered to be the most elegant restaurant in Kauai. Dining here is designed to be a total experience. There are no windows in the room as the beauty comes from the surroundings themselves. Enjoy tables set with silver and crystal on linen tablecloths with all meals arriving under silver pineapple domes.
d.. The Plantation Gardens at the Kiahuna Plantation Resort specializes in seafood. You're put in the mood with a walk through the lovely gardens into the waiting room. Reservations are suggested, especially if you want a window table.
e.. The House of Seafood and the Beach House also specialize in seafood. The Beach House gets the nod for the best location, as any table is perfect. The House of Seafood doesn't do as well in the location department, but it consistently has the largest selection of fresh fish in the area.

In addition to the selections above, you'll probably find a good selection of area buffets and brunches. Whatever your final selection, you won't go hungry in Poipu!