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It was almost sixty years ago when the Japansese attacked Pearl Harbor, killing thousands of unprepared soldiers. Many ships went down including The Arizona. The Arizona was the home to more than one thousand men who were willing to give their lives for their country. And unfortunately, that is what the majority of these men ended up doing. The Japanese surprised everyone on December 7, 1941. Soldiers were not prepared. Americans did not have their weapons ready. They did not have a strategy. And that is why the Japanese swept the United States on this sad and forever honored day.

There now stands a memorial in honor of those who took part in December 7, 1941. It is for those who died, those who lost, and for those who will remember or learn about that tragic day in history. The most fascinating part about the memerial is the fact that you can still see The Arizona from the surface of the water. Everyday people take boats out to a memorial which is over The Arizona. You can look down and see the ship and imagine in your mind what happened almost sixty years ago.

And for the few survivors it is more than a memorial. Past crewmemebers of The Arizona have the oppurtunity to be cremated and put back down in the water to rest in peace with their crewmates from years ago. It is a way not only a way to mourn the dead, but honor the survivors when they pass on and are brought back home.